Like a good work of fiction, this website began when I asked myself, “Suppose…?” Suppose there was a place where lovers of story – every kind of story – could be united in one place. That is the goal of StoryShoutOut. We want to connect you with stories that will capture your imagination, encourage you to dive deeper into the stories you already love, and give you a place to interact with other story lovers.


  •      My name is Cadi Murphy. It’s all my fault that StoryShoutOut was created; I admit that I started it. I’ve loved stories ever since I can remember. If you ask me what my favorite story is, you’ll end up with a list as long as Santa Clause’s. I’m a writer. I am usually working on more than one book. I like eating popcorn. My dream home would be a castle, Atlantis, or a tree house. I firmly believe in over-preparation. If you take me to Narnia or Middle Earth, I will marry you. Most importantly, I’m a disciple of Jesus Christ.
  •      Sam Jenne is a superhero who singlehandedly saved authorhood from amateur writing and cutthroat vanity press companies. (Oops, now you know his secret identity!) His passions are the aid of common man and the creative process. He is always ready to give timely advice to those less experienced in the process. Being pro-beard is in Sam’s blood. He bleeds in a well-groomed manner all over social media; it will never recover from his advocating (he hopes). See Sam’s latest StoryShoutOut project, Story-Shorts, on Youtube.

  •      Mirriam Neal is a nineteen-year-old homeschool graduate. She currently lives in Georgia but misses her home state of Washington, and all the coffee that entails. She writes weird fiction novels. When she isn’t writing, she’s either reading, drawing, or listening to a variety of music. She enjoys writing on her personal blog, Wishful Thinking, and crying over her favorite characters (because they always die).
  •      The Force grows strong as more Jedi join us. Together, we will rule the galaxy!

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